Facility management features that will save you time and
​generate more revenue.

RecTimes was built with direct feedback from facility owners, managers and schedulers like you
to include features you need to be more efficient and profitable.

Simple online scheduling.

Creating bookings with RecTimes is easy. A simple calendar view accurately shows what ice times you have available in real-time.

Real time online bookings

Unlimited repeat bookings    

Overlap booking checks

Multi-venue bookings

Multi-group bookings

Peal-time price adjustments

Optional flat rate pricing

Individual customer rates

Automatic tax calculations

Custom booking options

Easy invoicing, fully synced.

With RecTimes integrated invoicing, you can create, send, and manage invoices for an entire team's season with a few clicks. Invoices are always in sync with your booking changes.

Fast invoice creation

Mass invoicing

Multi-group invoicing

Synced with booking data

Send invoices from RecTimes

Custom templates

Invoice notes

Online payments

Minimum payment options

Payment fee options

Payment and change logs

Invoices reports

Create, send, approved!

Get your rink contracts created and approval fast with our agreement creation system. You'll be sending contacts in no time and getting yearly yearly agreement signed in just a few minutes.

Accept agreements online

Mass agreement creation

Multi-group agreement creation

Agreement notifications

Synced with booking data

Send agreements from RecTimes

Custom templates

Agreement notes

Online payments

Monthly payment breakdown

Payment deposit options

Reporting for what you need.

With real-time facility reports, you can actually track the details that matter to you. Learn to take control and make better decisions.

Quick filter reports

Create sub-groups

Booking reports

Invoicing reports

Custom date range reports

PDF and Excel export

Change logs and booking data

Live system activity feed

Live booking feed

Safe & secure

PCI-level security

Daily backups

Customer portal

Simple booking

Invoice access

Email templates

Reloaded emails

Dynamic fields

Admin notifications

Custom options

Reply to list

Privacy options

Protect customers

Simple settings

Help centre

Instant access

Get answers fast

Media screen

Display lockers

Auto assign

Padding / margin

Track margin

Maintenance block

Advanced booking

Gap/overlap control

Interval control

Custom rates

Customer rates

Special rates

Split booking

Divide by groups

Divide by venues

Rental policy

Policy templates

Online approval

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