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Increase your Ice Rink facility revenue today!
Start controlling your ice rink in real time.

Real Time Online Booking • Super Fast Invoicing • Easily Collect Payments

Simple Getting Started Process

We setup, test and support your Ice rink every step of the way so you can take action immediately to grow your facility.
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    Day 1: Schedule a Demo

    Setup a quick demo call to see a how RecTimes can simplify your scheduling help you become a pro facility manager.

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    Day 2: Choose a Plan

    Once you purchase a plan and complete the welcome form we will take care of the entire setup and send you a link to schedule your training within 48 hours.

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    Day 3: Get Started

    Once training is complete you will be ready to start creating new bookings and start managing your sports facility like a pro.

Interested? Let's get started.

Ready for less headaches and more time to focus on other tasks. No need to rewire your brain. The setup is simple and you will become a Rink Scheduling Pro in no time!